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12th Mar 2017 at 6:00 PM
15th Aug 2017 at 6:00 PM
Why I'm pledging
Earlier this year I was fortunate to race in the UK Cancer Research Oxford v Cambridge Boat Race. It was special to be a part of an historic event, and also, great that a deserving charity had full naming rights. It was amazing to hear individuals stories and experiences on their cancer journey… even strangers off the street. It urged me to find another challenge that would continue to raise awareness of this devastating condition.

The HPV virus causes 5% of cancers worldwide and 80% of people will come into contact with the virus at some point in their life. It can lead to cervical, anal, head & neck, penile, vulvar and vaginal cancers - the ‘unsexy' ones that seem to have a certain hush hush about it. The majority of these can be prevented by a simple, cheap, safe and effective vaccine… currently available but vaccination rates are still incredibly low.

Hence, the reason why I will be racing from Ibiza to Barcelona, to raise money for this incredible cause. To raise awareness, de-stigmatize, educate people and aim for that 100% vaccination rate! Having close friends and family suffer from these cancers, I can only hope less and less people have to go through it.

Please, go without that coffee this week, and throw a few pennies to help generations to come...
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