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22nd Feb 2017 at 6:00 PM
23rd Apr 2017 at 9:00 PM
Why I'm pledging
Having run the Royal Parks Half Marathon in 2010 I thought I would raise the bar a bit for my second foray into long distance running. Between the 24th-26th March I will be attempting to complete The Jurassic Coast Challenge; 3 marathons in 3 days along the stunning, though testing terrain of the Jurassic Coastal Path.
Details of what the challenge entails can be found here:

My aim is to raise as much awareness and sponsorship as possible for Team Archie. Arch was a dynamo full of energy and fun; a mischievous teenager and the best youngest brother I could have wished for. When he tragically died whilst travelling with friends, it left a massive hole in my life. Arch always tried to make the most of his talents and I was in awe of his determination. Since losing him I have tried to live as he did, making the most of the moment and embarking on life altering challenges.
At Team Archie we are raising funds to build a foundation which will award scholarships to young people who share Archie's enthusiasm, motivation and passion for something they love whether that be sport, music or a range of other areas of interest. These young people will be mentored and assisted through a programme of further education, for example through coaching qualifications and travel. We are currently interviewing candidates for our first scholarship to send someone to China to coach football, something Archie had planned for his Gap Year.
Several fellow officers from Sandhurst will be running the final marathon with me which is absolutely fantastic. I am very proud that they want to support me and Archie in this way. My memories of Archie doing mad things will drag me through this crazy challenge but your support would help enormously and would be a great help in continuing the work of Team Archie to inspire and motivate a generation of young people who deserve a chance.
Thank you

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