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8th Feb 2016 at 7:00 PM
31st May 2016 at 4:00 PM
Why we're pledging

Thank you for visiting this page as I would imagine by now that you have at least considered donating!

For the past 4 months I have been in training to run in the toughest footrace on Earth, the Marathon des Sables (MdS), in April. It's a 6 day event that involves running 6 marathons on sand in the Sahara Desert, with temperatures reaching 50°C, while carrying all my food and equipment. Having run a marathon last weekend and a 60 mile run along Hadrian's Wall this weekend, training is stepping up so I thought now would be a good time to reach out and ask for your support in raising money for two amazing charities; Alzheimer's Research and Anthony Nolan.

1. It would be great if you could name a song to go on my running playlist when you donate. Please bear in mind I am likely to be locking horns with 'the wall' when I listen to it
2. If you want to donate to a particular charity, please mention in the comment box, if not half your donation will go to each charity

5 years ago my grandfather, Bernard, started to show signs of Alzheimer's. Initially we thought that asking for the salt 3 times was his way of saying he didn't like his food. Since then though, he has deteriorated and we now realise that it wasn't his light-hearted nature shining through. Having been a General in the British Army, he is now, as a relatively young OAP, restricted to a chair in his living room and unable to remember who we, his family, are.

Only since doing research have I realised how serious the disease is. He is the 1 person in 10 aged 65+ who currently has Alzheimer's, with odds getting drastically less favourable year on year. It is the 6th biggest killer globally and currently has no known prevention or cure. Alzheimer's Research aims to defeat Alzheimer's (& dementia as a whole) by finding ways of preventing and curing it, but each hour of research costs the charity £20.

Last year the father of my university housemate, Georgie Ireland, was diagnosed with lymphoma. Georgie began a Facebook campaign to raise awareness for Anthony Nolan encouraging people to sign up to their register. Within 3 months she had 47,000 followers on her page, had been on Sky News, had the likes of Chris Robshaw tweeting about the campaign and, most importantly, tripled the number of people signing up to the register from the 3 months previously. Signing up gives people the opportunity to donate stem cells should someone with the disease match with them, and therefore save a life. Very sadly Rob (Georgie's dad) was unable to find a match and died in September, but today people continue to sign up to the register after the work she has done. Each new person signing up costs Anthony Nolan £60 so this is where we need your help.

Your support in raising as much money as possible for these charities would be amazing! It will help both charities grow, ultimately saving more lives, and make every last gruelling mile worth it.

Thank you in advance for your donations,

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