About Pledgit
About Pledgit

Pledgit is a fundraising platform for people who are willing to give their own money to charity rather than just ask others to give.

The idea came from a cycle ride in India in November 2015 in aid of The Urology Foundation. Billy Jenks heard about the event and persuaded his father, Philip, that they should sign up. They wanted to make it clear when asking people to donate that the costs of the ride had already been paid, and that every penny given by friends and relatives would benefit the charity.

From this, the core principle of Pledgit emerged: fundraisers doing charity challenges shouldn't just ask others to give: “I’m doing the marathon for Cancer Research. Please donate.” – but would also give support: “I’m doing the marathon for Cancer Research. For every £1 you donate, I’ll donate £1.

We launched in December 2015 and slowly but surely, Pledgit is becoming known as the place for fundraisers who want to show philanthropic leadership.

We hope the idea strikes a chord with you, and please do contact us if you have any questions or ideas.

Billy Jenks and Philip Jenks

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