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Anton Jivov
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noman is an island
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31st Oct 2019 at 12:00 AM
Why I'm fundraising
My story with Noman is a story of chance and fate.

One evening while with a close friend talking about life I was told of a stroy in which a mother and wife quickly passed away from cancer with only months of notice in her diagnosis. Unfortunately, the cancer was rooted in Human Papillomavirus (HPV), a preventable disease.

I realised from this story and subsequent research that HPV causes 5% of cancers and can be eliminated over time by vaccinating young boys and girls. In countries where vaccinations have started there has been a marked and measureable decrease in the risk of certain cancers.

The campaign focuses on the following goals which we support:

  1. End 5% of Cancers which are directly caused by HPV;

  2. 100% vaccination for both boys and girls;

  3. Raise Awareness about HPV;

  4. Influence government and healthcare policy;

  5. Rebrand the cervical cancer jab;

  6. De-sexualise and de-stigmatise a cancer caused by a skin virus that the majority of people contract; 

  7. Help fund additional drug discovery; and 

  8. Educate parents and children about the Risks of the HPV virus.

As a parent, sibling and child I believe that a world without HPV is achieavable with support and awareness from people such as yourselves.

Please help me prevent stories like those of my friend and protect children and future generations from HPV as well as reducing their risk of cancer.

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