Rescued horses helping special needs children
Jenny Seagrove
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mane chance sanctuary
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1st Dec 2015 at 11:00 AM
15th Jan 2016 at 5:00 PM
Why I'm pledging
My pledge is kindly funded by Eastcheap Charitable Trust, a supporter of Mane Chance Sanctuary which is independent of both the charity and me.

The background to Mane Chance is that in August 2011, I had a telephone call from a friend who ran an animal sanctuary in Kent. She had run out of money and her animals hadn't eaten properly for 4 days. Something had to be done. I hurriedly set up a new charity which I called Mane Chance Sanctuary, rented some fields in Compton, Surrey, and a month later 41 horses, two sheep, a goat, geese, a cow, dogs, cats and even parrots arrived.

The next months were difficult, as we scraped together enough money to survive! Over the next two years we managed to buy the land, build stables and create essential infrastructure. We rehomed half the herd and when James French, the animal communicator, joined us in 2012, a new vision for Mane Chance began to take shape. We realised, through using his Trust Technique, that the full potential of Mane Chance was not just as a refuge for mistreated horses; it was as a healing centre for both horses and humans. We have 2 goals:

• to provide sanctuary and relief from suffering for horses, as we always have;
• to be a place where interaction with horses helps young people suffering from social exclusion and sick and special needs children.

We have a special relationship with the Shooting Star Chase charity. Children with life-limiting illnesses visit us weekly in the summer months from their hospice at Christopher's in Guildford. The Children's Trust has also visited and the effect which contact with our horses brings these very sick children is humbling and sometimes breathtaking. Slowly we are changing lives.

Our goals have not changed, but our hopes have. We witness on a daily basis the benefits of equine healing. We want those benefits to spread wider. Our vision is to help others replicate our Surrey sanctuary in other parts of the country.

Every penny that you donate will go towards that vision.

Thank you.

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