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Why we're pledging

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Harry, Archie, Tom, Ed, Robert and Benedict are six seventeen year olds cycling from Roscoff to La Rochelle this August and will be taking four days to complete this 500km trip. We are undertaking this journey to raise £25,000 for Young Minds (, a charity focused on improving the mental health of young people.

Ed's younger sister is currently a patient on a specialist mental health unit at Great Ormond Street Hospital where she is learning how to cope with her clinical depression, which has been triggered by living with an undiagnosed complex gastro condition. It is hard for Ed and his family to see her needing so much help to deal with her sadness, especially since she is normally such a happy and strong person.

One of our close friends from school felt the need to leave this year so he could focus on his mental wellbeing after being diagnosed with depression. His difficulties really made all of us realise how anyone can be impacted by these conditions and how serious the effects can be.

As a group we decided to raise money for Young Minds as we have all heard as well as participated in stories of people our age or younger who have been diagnosed with mental health issues such as depression or anxiety. We hope that by supporting Young Minds we could help these children and young adults lead a better life.

Please donate generously. The money we raise will make a real difference to the 1,100,000 children aged 5-16 who have a diagnosable mental health issue. Thank you so much in advance.

Registered charity numbers 1016968 & SC039700
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