Starts: 27th Sep 2020
Ends: 27th Sep 2020
Target: £15,000
Donations: 0
Raised so far: £0

About our work

Thank you to our Event Corporate Champion Knight Frank

COVID-19 means that we can’t all get together in 2020 for the annual St Swithun’s Way Challenge in aid of the Bramston Bursary Foundation.

However, the event is still going ahead in a different form and is open to the whole St Swithun’s community, friends and family from across the globe.

The event is taking place on Sunday 27 September (anytime between 7am and 9pm) to raise much needed funds for the Bramston Bursary Foundation.

The Bramston Bursary Foundation's mission is to offer life changing opportunities for girls in care, or on the edge of care, by providing fully funded boarding places at St Swithun's School.

With the whole St Swithun’s community coming together in spirit to undertake this challenge, we can help more girls who, through no fault of their own, have to face many challenges as part of their everyday life.

It's up to you how far you go.  You can pick one of the distances we did along the St Swithun’s Way last year - 3, 9, 18 or 33 miles - or you can set your own distance. Choose your own route wherever you are in the world.

If you are registered disabled, feel free to cover your distance by wheelchair, horse or specialist bicycle.

Please adhere to government guidelines for your area.


New for this year is a competition between St Swithun’s School Houses. (The Prep School and Senior School will be entered into separate competitions.)

Pupils, parents, staff and Old Girls are invited to do the sponsored walk or run (their very own St Swithun’s Way Challenge) for their House campaign.

Here’s how competition points can be gained:

- 1 point for each person who took part from the House
- 1 point for each mile completed by each person
- 1 point for each £ donated to the House campaign (including Gift Aid)

Donations are eligible for Gift Aid so if your donor qualifies, please encourage them to opt in to Gift Aid when they make their donation. It's very easy to do.

Donations from your sponsors should be made to the campaign of the House you are in (if you're a pupil) or the house your daughter's in (if you're a parent) or the House you used to be in (if you're an Old Girl).*

*Senior school students may be in a temporary House in September due to COVID-19 precautions, but please compete for your original House. Finlay students should compete for the House they were in prior to Finlay, just like a normal House competition. Le Roy students should compete for Le Roy House. Staff/former staff can choose a House to adopt - or ask to be allocated to a House at random.  Parents with daughters in different houses can ask for their points to be divided equally. Old Girls who were in a House which no longer exists are asked to adopt another House. 

Our fair way of scoring with uneven teams…

The total of points raised by each House, will be divided by the total number of people representing that House - so we get an average individual score.  The House with the highest average individual score will win the competition.

New Bramston Bursary Foundation St Swithun’s Way Challenge Trophies will be awarded to the winning Houses in both the Senior and Prep Schools.

The competition closes at midnight on Thursday 1 October - by which time all sponsorship must be in and all miles logged. The winning Houses will be announced online at 6pm on Saturday 3 October.

Senior School House Campaigns:

High House (Boarding)
Hillcroft (Boarding)
Hyde Abbey (Boarding)
Earlsdown (Boarding)
Le Roy (Boarding)
Caer Gwent (Day)
Venta (Day)
Davies (Day)
Mowbray (Day)

Prep School House Campaigns:


14 campaigns helping our event - £0 raised so far, plus £ in Gift Aid

Caer Gwent Raised £1,047 plus £168.75 in Gift Aid Ended 02/10/2020
Davies Raised £714 plus £151.00 in Gift Aid Ended 02/10/2020
Earlsdown Raised £1,420 plus £68.75 in Gift Aid Ended 02/10/2020
High House Raised £315 plus £23.75 in Gift Aid Ended 02/10/2020
Hillcroft Raised £802 plus £86.25 in Gift Aid Ended 02/10/2020
Hyde Abbey Raised £610 plus £77.50 in Gift Aid Ended 02/10/2020
Kingfishers Raised £195 plus £26.25 in Gift Aid Ended 02/10/2020
Le Roy Raised £1,394 plus £252.50 in Gift Aid Ended 02/10/2020
Mowbray Raised £1,840 plus £372.50 in Gift Aid Ended 02/10/2020
Owls Raised £120 plus £25.00 in Gift Aid Ended 02/10/2020
Robins Raised £69 plus £5.00 in Gift Aid Ended 02/10/2020
St Swithun's Challenge 2020 Raised £0 Ended 07/01/2021
Venta Raised £2,460 plus £87.50 in Gift Aid Ended 02/10/2020
Woodpeckers Raised £285 plus £50.00 in Gift Aid Ended 02/10/2020

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